Kohaonline is part of an Evolutionary Charitable Organisational System.

The Kohaonline system links Whanau and Whangai with the following:

Maori Incorporations 
Employers and their employees
Charitable Trusts

By using Kohaonline, whanau and whangai
can freely give of their labour and services and receive benefits that can better help their whanau first and foremost, their hapu, their Marae, their local community and their businesses. 

This is a Whanau Whanui Trust and is formed under a large group of Maori Incorporations for Maori Community Purposes and all other communities with its public arm, Aotearoa Charitable Services Group Limited [ACS Group]. The focus of the trust is charitable service and caring for others in accordance with the principles of tikanga to maintain mana and tino rangatiratanga, rather than for financial or personal reward.

Mahi aroha is one aspect of tohu aroha – an expression that incorporates the spiritual and temporal aspects of volunteering. He tohu aroha is an expression or manifestation of love, sympathy or caring. see 

Koha is also a Maori custom and usage, which means to humbly and quietly give freely whatever one wants to give, and is our theme for kohaonline "freely received, freely given".  It is utilising the most universal law and principle of giving, "And now abideth faith, hope, charity, these three; but the greatest is charity".

The ACS Group is borne out of the need for change within our society where drugs, crime, illiteracy, financial insolvency and poverty are the norm.

The legislation provided allows all whanau to take advantage of "koha" and charitable purposes". By utilising the ACS system whanau can operate smarter, without extra work, without extra long hours by utilizing and leveraging what resources the whanau have right now. 

The main difference with this system from all other systems is the whanau have the control and make the decisions about their future and NOT a far removed board somewhere with little reality, no practical remedies and legalese that make ones head spin. 

The Trust merely koha its services to facilitate in that process of taking our whanau out of our current state of dependency, disability and poverty state of mind into a state of empowering, edifying, self control and protecting nga whanau whanui to self determination i.e. tino rangatiratanga. 

Having said this it is up to the whanau what that might mean. 

Legislation also protects customary rights including the right to whangai or adopt our Manuhiri visitors, loved ones, neighbors and friends for the mutual benefit of all, who otherwise would not be able to utilise this system.

To help clarify the legal standing of the Whanau Whanui Trust and its ACS system in regards to how it fits in with legislation and how it fits in with tikanga Maori simple questions and answers are provided.

Nga Mahi Aroha o Aotearoa Charitable Services Trust works with ACS Kohaonline Limited to administer the system for all whanau/hapu based Maori Incorporations. Some Whanau Trusts are constituted under tikanga Maori and in terms of sec. 211(2), 214, 214, 253 and 258 of the Te Ture Whenua Maori Land Act 1993/95, such trusts are exempt from taxes and are able to koha for any charitable purpose as may be specified in the trust declaration.

The ACS Group has specific functions to facilitate Employment Relations, ACC, Health and Safety, Business Development, Debt Management, Insolvency, Mental Health, Drug Rehabilitation, Criminal Care and Prevention.  

Most public charitable trusts under the Charitable Trust Act 1957 are taken through stringent criteria and may take several months to settle. The whanau trusts under the above provisions take a few days or weeks to settle and constitute. Provisions allow all whanau to set up their own trusts; or utilise and alter if necessary the existing constitution to enhance the charitable exemptions available.  

After authorization is given from you or your whanau when signing up you are taken to another site http://www.ngarangatira.com where the whanau assessment form is filled in for the Hapu Maori Incorporation you wish to support or tatai to. 

When all requirements are met the ACS system can start. The whanau need only have access to the internet. 

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